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Characteristics and application of hot melt adhesive Labeling Machine

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Characteristics and application of hot melt adhesive Labeling Machine

Date of release:2018-07-18 Author:admin Click:

Automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machine is an advanced labeling machine which can fill the domestic and foreign labeling market. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, small land occupation and large selection of stainless steel and non-metallic materials on the surface.

Hot melt adhesive Labeling Machine

 Hot melt adhesive labeling machine can be used for full circle labeling. Widely used in food and beverage, pesticide and chemical industry, paint and coatings, medicine and health care and other fields. It can label round, square, multi-edged bottle, paper tube, etc. and label the whole body or not.  

Hot melt adhesive labeling machine features:

1. trademark cutting blade adjustment is easy.

2. The vacuum suction wheel is made of high hardness material. The added wrinkle treatment program can reduce the trademark friction and prevent static electricity.

3. the replacement of compatible parts can be done quickly and efficiently in 10 minutes.

4., the position of the blade can be adjusted accurately and conveniently by manual operation panel.

5. the vacuum suction wheel and the lower part of the trademark cutting part are made of special materials which are wear-resistant and heat resistant.

6. When trademark length changes, the automatic adjustment button can automatically adjust the I-MARK position; 7. Use trademark: label material: OPP (wheeled) hot melt labeling machine cutting pattern integrity, no deformation; Always end mesh glue, compared with foreign full-spray gluing equipment, saving 50% of the thermosol, + 0.05 (mm); Upper and lower label thermal shrinkage Hoop tight without Zou; the overall labeling is smooth, with no misalignment, no leakage, no glue.

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