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Automatic Rotary Adhesive Labeling Machine

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Automatic Rotary Adhesive Labeling Machine

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  • Date of release:2018/08/22
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Detailed introduction


Name: Automatic Rotary Adhesive Labeling Machine

Model :ULB-06041R

I. Product performance characteristics

1.Suitable for the square bottle with 3 surface surround labeling.

2.Suitable for hot melt glue labeling machine in the industry of beverages, mineral water etc.

3.Adopts for Japanese SANYO imported servo motor and Siemens PLC control simple operation, stability running.

4.Adopts for screw and star wheel cooperate, ensure high speed operation, products smooth and stable.

5.Adopts CAM mechanical rotating positioning, using the advantage of the bottle itself to find anchor point, greatly improve stability and accuracy.

6.Out of the station can be adjusted 3 d space, especially suitable for taper type bottle, and easy to adjust different size of the product.

7.Labeling speed 60 m/min.Max production speed 4000BPH.Can connector wit h filling line wire production, greatly increased speed and saving cost.

II. Labeling process:


III. Technical parameters

Apply labeling production

All kinds of flat shape containers, such as: plastic, metal, glass, etc.

Label material


Labeling production size

L: 20-500mm

W: 10-200mm

labeling production size(L*W*H)


Available model and speed

6 pcs bottle mould ULBF-06041R 4000 BPH

8 pcs bottle mould ULBF-08061R 6000 BPH

12 pcs bottle mould ULBF-12091R 9000 BPH

16 pcs bottle mould ULBF-16151R 15000 BPH

20 pcs bottle mould ULBFH-2024R 24000 BPH

24 pcs bottle mould ULBFH-2436R 36000 BPH

Labeling accuracy


Max width of label

200mm(Can be customized

Max length of label


label outside diameter


labels inside diameter(paper core)


Max out label speed 


Conveyor belt


W: 100mm

H: 1100mm ±30mm

Conveyor speed


Speed adjustment method

Uninterrupted-adjust rate

Power consumption (W)


Air consumption(Mpa)


power supply 

Three phase 380V 50Hz

According to local voltage in different countries, can add voltage transformer after customer told us about the local voltage.

Occupied floor area

3000*2500*2000mm(Can be customized

Machine net size(L*W*H













Machine net weight

About 2500kg


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