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Automatic Plane Labeling Machine

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Automatic Plane Labeling Machine

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  • Date of release:2018/08/22
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Detailed introduction


Name: Automatic Plane Labeling Machine

Model: ULB-8601

I. Product performance characteristics

1. This machine is applied to the flat surface labeling of a square object.

2. Chinese and English touch screen system, truly human-computer dialogue, easy to learn.

3. Adopts Siemens PLC with SANYO servo motor closed-loop control, to ensure that the label is stable, high reliability.

4. Can be used with simple conveyor belt, has good mobility, small occupation space.

5. Equipped with tension spring clutch, label tension is more stable, run more smoothly, high speed labeling precision is high.

6. According to customer's needs to link production lines, can also according to customer's requirements for special design.

II. Operation process:


III. Technical Parameters

Apply to labeling production

All kinds of flat product or square object.

Label material


Label size

L: 20-500mm

W: 10-200mm

Max labeling speed

30 meter/min



Labeling accuracy 


Max length of label

130mm (Can be customized

label outside diameter


labels inside diameter(paper core)


Max out label speed


Conveyor belt

60 meter/min

Max length of label

Height: 870±30mm

Can be customized

Conveyor speed

20 meter/min(standard model

Speed adjustment method

Uninterrupted-adjust rate

Power consumption (W)


power supply 

Three phase 220V 50Hz

According to local voltage in different countries, can add voltage transformer after customer told us about the local voltage.

Machine net size

900*650*1400mm (Can be customized

Net weight

About 350kg


Key word:不干胶贴标机,全自动双侧面贴标机价格,全自动双侧面贴标机批发

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