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Bagging machine bag dismantling machine

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Bagging machine bag dismantling machine

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  • Date of release:2018/08/22
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Detailed introduction

Name: Bagging MachineBag Removing Machine

Model UB-0206/UBR-0206

Product performance characteristics

1.Suitable for bagging or bag removing in the industry of detergent, food beverages etc.

2.Automatic production process, instead of the low efficiency of the manual way, improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs

Technical parameters

Power three-phase 380V 50Hz 3000W

Machine dimensions 5000*2300*2100mm

Production speed 6000BPH

Conveyor belt speed 25 m/min

Air supply 6Kg 30L/min

Weight about 900Kg

Adaptive range square bottle and ellipse bottle

Key word:不干胶贴标机,全自动双侧面贴标机价格,全自动双侧面贴标机批发

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